New 4-Wheel Alignment

Why is 4-Wheel Alignment so important?


Increase life of tyres

Accurately aligned vehicles will avoid premature tyre wear and can add thousands of miles to a tyres life span. You can knock a cars alignment out by simply hitting a pot hole or hitting a kerb.


Increase fuel economy

A correctly aligned vehicle with all 4 wheels in the perfect position will increase miles per gallon by reducing rolling resistance.


Resolve handling & steering problems

4-Wheel Alignment will resolve any handling or steering problems encountered while driving. Issues like a car pulling to one side, a vibrating steering wheel or, do you have to constantly keep adjusting your steering wheel to keep it in a straight line? All these problems can be resolved with our 4-Wheel Alignment kit.


Safe driving

As part of our 4-Wheel Alignment procedure, we will also check the suspension system to spot any worn parts before they cause any serious problems. After the alignment process your breaking distances will also be greatly reduced.