Cambelts (Timing Belts)

At E.G.S. Motors our trained technicians provide a free cambelt check service. They can identify if a replacement is required - a vital requirement on most vehicles at manufacturer recommended mileages.

If the Cambelt is not replaced at the set intervals it could break and then most often causes expensive damage to the engine.

Book a Free Cambelt Check

You can book a free check below - our technicians will be able to check if your vehicle requires the cambelt to be changed based on the age and mileage of the vehicle and give you a precise quote if it needs replacing.

What causes the cam belt to fail?

  • Oil & fluid which leaks onto the belt can be injected into the belt as it runs over the pulleys, this can vary the dimensions of the belt and cause the teeth to not mesh with the pulleys.
  • Seizure or collapse of bearings of idler pulleys, pumps etc, can cause the cam belt tension to be lost allowing the belt to jump the teeth on sprockets causing loss of synchronization and usually major damage.
  • Misalignment of pulleys can also cause premature belt failure.